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Problems Coming out before Sleep or cannot sleep

Tηλέφωνα και Tablet μας κόβουν τον ύπνο;

It seems that our worship for tablet, laptop, smartphone, becomes an obstacle in our sleep and causes health problems. We know that our relationship with mobile devices has reached the limits of dependency, but now, it seems, the situation has begun and affects our health. More than to 80% of adults have at night their mobile in the bedroom, with 65% to put it to the point where they can reach it with one hand and with eyes closed usually on the bedside table, or next to the layer although many (especially young people) put it under their pillow. Almost one in two, using it as an alarm clock.


Although the habit looks completely innocent, but it is good idea to have beside us while we sleep? Experts maintain serious reservations, which arise in the study findings have shown that mobile, tablet, your laptop bedside ‘upsets’ sleep and can cause insomnia.


According to a recent survey, the experts concluded that blue light – Blue Light emitted by the LCD – LED screens from mobile or tablet or laptop or computer or new generation TVs generally interrupts the normal rhythms of the body at the time sleep.


Caused by the effect on the body? What causes this? “The main problem with mobile is light-emitting,” says Dr. trickle Palesen, professor in the Psychology Department of the University of Bergen and head of the Norwegian study. “It is well documented that exposure to artificial light at night enhances the biological mechanisms that slow sleep and affects circadian rhythm (biological clock pp).”


Last November, for example, scientists from the Department of Psychology, University of Bergen, Norway, gave the public the findings of the study with 532 students, 90% of which were occupied with their mobile in bed before falling asleep (watching movies , surfing the Internet, playing games) and then the left switched on next to them. As the researchers wrote in the journal «Behavioral Sleep Medicine», these students had an increased risk of suffering from insomnia, and unable to sleep early.


Τhe summer of 2012, in addition, scientists from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, published their study findings with 4,100 young volunteers (were aged from 20-24 years), which correlated marathons Mobile with sleep disorders and severe stress.

And if you are wondering how you will affect the light while you have slept, the answer comes immediately: Studies have shown that even a very small exposure to light during sleep, enough to disturb him!


Scientists from Stanford University recruited a few years ago the team of volunteers, which they put to sleep in a sleep laboratory. Eventually, they began to expose sleeping volunteers in repeated pulses of light lasting two millimeters of seconds, the overall duration of exposure to reaches just 0.12 seconds.

Result: the biological clock of volunteers slowed and their mental alertness increased. This means that once to turn on the mobile screen at night, may well disturb our sleep. The growing blue light emitted from our mobile, it is almost certain that interrupts sleep, since it prevents the secretion of melatonin and increases alertness levels in the body. Thus, it is necessary to understand that during the night, the ‘brighter and bluer’ is not synonymous with ‘more good’. ” Indeed it is so problematic that kind of light, mobile manufacturers will include a sleep mode – sleep mode on their devices, which will filter and change the color of that annoying blue light. Although the spectrum (color spectrum and emission frequency) of this light is perfect for daily use, it is the worst thing to use when night daughter expands and reduces the body’s resistance.


Professor of Medicine said children sleep on the website of BBC News: «This is very good for day use, but lousy for the use nychta.Yparchoun converging elements that say that if you are in front of one of these devices at night hours could prevent you from sleep an extra hour. “For this reason it is essential that the« bedtime mode ».

There are now enough data to support that, you are faced with such illumination at night can prevent that you go to bed, at least for another hour and these extra hours insomnia, added with the passage of time, leading to a lack of sleep, reduced productivity, and a large number of other side health problems. Poor sleep is one of the big problems the last 10 years in developed countries.


Not excuse to welcome the situation and say that it is. We all like mobile devices and although it is entertaining devices, we definitely need protection for the night. Because it is difficult to put locks and measure ourselves, we must put our manufacturers with a night operation mode.
They have released both for Android and for iOS applications that assume the sleep mode which is rumored to subsequent upgrades of the major manufacturers that are part of the operating system.


Already software like F.lux, trying to tackle the problem posed by the blue light. It changes the color of light emitted by a computer screen making it possible “hot” at night and more “cold” during the hours of the day.

Another solution is to not deal at all with our beloved mobile and tablets at least 1-2 hours before sleep. Indeed even better to completely close the evening. This way if we do closed economy energy, turn off any possibility of interruption of our sleep by sound or light from the screens and protects against electromagnetic radiation wifi, 3g, 4g, …

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