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Data Recovery


Your hard drive is defected and you lost your files; Did you accidentally format your computer; Did you lost all contacts of your mobile; USB memory stick that contains important data for you not working; Time for data recovery! It’s time for EasyService. 

No Data - No Pay

In our company we can recover data from almost all media. 

Data Recovery is the process of saving data that is not accessible for any reason, by any media, whether it is the result of a mechanical failure or system failure or even a user  mistake (eg . erase, format, etc.). 

The Data Recovery is a specialized branch of computer science, which is dedicated to restoring inaccessible data. This process involves technicians with specialized knowledge, special equipment and is governed by strict rules in order to ensure the best possible success rate. 

EasyService is a company with expertise, qualified staff and infrastructure (such as recovery tools, hard drives firmwares, specialized diagnostic equipment and devices for checking and repairing electronic faults). 

EasyService can (Confidentiality & Security):

• Restore erased files

• Recover data from damaged disk

• Restore from card or USB Flash memory

• Data Recovery from RAID

• Data Recovery from mobile phone

• Repair Hard Drive

              • Investigation of Data & Computer Evidence 


We can do data recovery to the following devices :

• Internal Hard Disks (IDE, SATA, SSD) 

• External Hard Drives 

• Hard disk of Laptop / Notebook / Netbook 

• Hard Disk SCSI / SAS from Server 

• RAID Array System 

• Hard Drive NAS / Net Storage 

• Memory Card (Memory Card) 

• USB Stick (flash / USB Flash / Pendrive) 

• CD / DVD / BlueRay 

• Tape Drive 

• SIM Card 

• iPhone 

• Android mobile phone or tablet 

• Mobile phone old technology (Windows Mobile, Symbian, etc.) 

• Recover from scratched CD / DVD

In case of data loss, do not attempt to retrieve them yourself. Any action may worsen the situation. 

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