Data Recovery from Solid State Drive (SSD) or memory card

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Data Recovery from Solid State Drive (SSD) drive or USB Sticks or memory card.
The EasyService enables data recovery for all SSD drives and operating systems based on MLC or SLC NAND flash memory technologies. The same is true for recovering data from USB Stick or memory cards. All these media are based on similar technology, especially in data storage in NAND Chips.

The main difference between normal hard drives and SSD disks is that the SSD has no mechanical parts. Many believe that their data is safer in a SSD drive, than a normal traditional tray. This theory is sadly mistaken. The SSD drives can be protected against fall-strong shocks or other mechanical problems, but risk and are more vulnerable to damage by causes such as sudden changes - energy supply disruptions, sudden changes in electrical charges, static electricity, humidity. Also, the SSD has a limited number of recordable cycles (Read / Write Life Cycle) and the probability of loss of data of them is greater.
Most SSDs using complex technology and special algorithms that can improve the reliability and the data storage speed. The algorithms that are used by the manufacturer to manufacturer vary. To retrieve must be rebuilding the numerous sets NAND, decoding passwords and using this data to rebuild a drive.
Given the differences between manufacturers and planning SSD every case recovery is unique. In all the media who come to EasyService, it is necessary to make a good diagnosis of the SSD drive to get good idea about the next steps necessary to complete the recovery of your data from the unit. After completing the diagnostic immediately inform our customers about the cost of recovery. When there is no other way to export data from a USB Sticks or from a memory card or from a SSD drive then becomes careful detachment NAND chip located on the circuit or NAND Chip. The NAND chip contains all the data that existed in our storage medium and basic requirement is to be in working condition.

The data found in this chip, is encoded. Their decoding essentially assumes the Controller chip which is usually damaged. Our work therefore relies on reading in the export of coded data (Dump the NAND chip) and decoding. The algorithm decoding of a NAND chip can be simple, but it can be very complex and can take several weeks to decode the data.
If the damage is large, we export the NAND chip from the circuit and we decode it in our laboratories, a process that takes time and has burdened the final cost to the customer.

In our company can be carried data recovery services from storage media like:
- USB Sticks
- SD
- SmartMedia
- XD Media
- microSD
- Monolith chips

The EasyService undertakes data recovery from any storage media (USB Sticks, SD, SSD, ...) of the following manufacturers:
- Intel
- Kingston
- Micron
- SanDisk
- Toshiba
- Transcend
- Samsung
- Crucial
- Corsair
- Verbatim

Contact us 210 3004040 or we can call you back to find a solution to the problem that has arisen in your system through a free diagnostics and free technical control everything with the logic of EasyService (Do Data - No Pay).

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