Alarm Signal Receiving

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EasyService has a special partnership with G4S and also a strategic partnership with Grande Security Monitoring. We offer the best market prices and high quality services for receiving alarm signals. The monitoring stations operate 24 hours a day and check the connected alarm systems. The experience knowledge of our employees, combined with modern machines, makes the Receiver alarm achieve the best result for service which are:

- Burst Signals namely from what point (zone) the area the signal came from.
- End Alarm Signal.
- Arming and disarming the alarm and by whom.
- Personal threat alarm signal that was under threat.
- Medical Signal Assistance if needed in the location.
- Fire Signal if we install smoke detectors.
- Food Signal/water leaks if we install detectors water - moisture.
- Telephone line operating check (LINE TEST) .
- Signal alarm if someone tries to hack the keypad code.
- Consumption limit exceeded siren or siren disconnection.
- Signal when power is lost (220V) and reset.
- Battery checks every 24 hours.
- Signals sending to the customer, what time the alarm is armed and disarmed.
- Customer notification in case the alarm system doesn’t arm after the end of the programmed  hours.

EasyService PROTECTS

• Your personal and family safety
• Your home
• Your Valuables
• Your business

In any case, our Signal Receiver Centre is able to assess the criticality of each brand/situation/ incident and to take immediate and crucial steps by informing the police department, fire department and the person responsible for the site or officers designated by the subscriber itself, the installer - maintainer - technical security system and others, depending on the signal obtained. We also provide other specialized services which are agreed as appropriate , in consultation with the subscriber and the installer. Special services usually serve large customers such as banks , companies with chain stores , special applications , photovoltaic parks and more.

The cost of services for the connection of an office alarm system, company, home to the alarm monitoring centers are among the lowest in the market,  ranging from 6 € - 10 € (prices do not include VAT 23% ) per month depending on the size - complexity of the installation of the alarm . Applies to all types of alarm systems and there is no additional cost for the installation.

Prices for downloading  and managing  the cameras located in the protected area are 12 € - 18 € per month ( prices do not include VAT 23% ) per subscriber.

For any questions or queries call us on 210 3004040. EasyService is always there for you.

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