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The security cameras of any type (dome, bullet, moving), any technology analog or digital (CCTV, IP, HDCVI) will detect theft even before it happens. The installation of surveillance cameras in conspicuous places with proper placement, will make your space inviolable, in conjunction with the ‘’forbidden’’ signs that show that your home/office/company is been monitored, notify the intruder that everything is being recorded, forcing him eventually to cancel his malicious intentions.

Besides prevention, security cameras work and preventive, as the owner of each area has the opportunity to anticipate situations, watching in real-time what is happening. Security cameras can be salvation, in case of burglary. Homes or offices that are equipped with security cameras and alarm systems are 40 times less likely to be victims of burglary. Security cameras are considered integral parts of the safety systems for any home/office/company. 
Security cameras are suitable for:
 -  Offices, shops, businesses. Will reduce the chances of theft and other malicious acts. You can track the company's fund , the movement of goods and commodities and also monitor any suspicious movement .
 - Domestic use and prevent burglary in your home. At the same time you can monitor the movements of your favorite family persons, children, the elderly or the nanny or your housekeeper. You can control the external open spaces of the house, car parking etc.
 - Monitor the movement of your home/office/company (from anywhere in the world) with the help of internet (smart phone, tablet or your laptop) to make sure everything is okay.
In combination with recorders DVR, NVR, HD NVR, HCVR you can have 24/7 recording (video and audio)  in high-risk areas ( Cash Machine , Safe, etc ) as in any other place you wish , allowing you to record emergency incident. Depending on the capacity of the hard disk that recorders support, you can record for several days. This allows you to have a history that allows you to refer to any day and time you want by monitoring the movements in the space you have.
We come to your home/office/company for research and prepare a financial offer WITHOUT ANY EXTRA CHARGE, according to your needs.

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