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EasyService specializes in the repair of analogue and digital camera since 1999 providing high quality services to the immediate restoration of any damage to all companies and models at the lowest prices.
With the most experienced technical staff and using more sophisticated equipment offers you free fault diagnosis, free shipping and immediate information on the cost of the damage.

symptoms of damage
- Does not light, does not open
- No picture in V / F or LCD
- No sound
- Raises the volume itself
- Not writes
- Do not open or close the device
- Buttons - buttons do not work
- Strange colors, artefacts, blurring the screen
- Broken input jacks - Costs
- Does not start from stand by
- Count number of clicks machine
- Software Upgrade (Firmware)
- Focus Control (Focus, Front Focus and Back Focus)
- Cleaning Sensor - Mirror
- Open the smooth operation Checking your camera (White Balance, Metering, Color Fidelity, ...)

In cooperation with all delegations and the largest European distributors of spare parts, use original spare parts and guarantee the proper functioning of your equipment. We will repair your camera directly, with warranty and with cheaper market price. Pick your camera from across Greece with courier companies.
If you own any camera that has a problem, whatever it is, even if you believe it or told you that is not made, bring the EasyService! Our experience, combined with our numerous repairs, give us the belief that we are better, cheaper and more qualitative solution for you!

The EasyService will repair any camera giving you natural repair and replacement warranty.

Some of the manufacturers that we are the Philips-Samsung-Sony-Sharp-LG-Panasonic-JVC-Toshiba-Hitachi-Thomson-Funai-GRUNDIG

Keep Calm, Call EasyService and Smile! Always by your side.

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