Hard Disk Data Recovery

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EasyService provides data recovery services for the entire range of operating systems and hard drives including IDE, EIDE, SATA, SCSI and SAS and all mobile and PC models. You can not read data from your hard disk? Lost files from your hard drive? Did you erased your data? Your hard drive not working? EasyService is here.

The hard disk repair and hard drive data recovery is a complex process. But be careful not to take actions that will destroy the file recovery process.

In EasyService we can recover data from any model - HDD brand such as:
- Western Digital
- Seagate
- Maxtor
- Hitachi
- Toshiba
- Fujitsu
- Samsung

We support the following operating systems
- Windows OS
- Apple Mac OS
- OS / 2
- Unix OS
- Linux OS
- Dos
- Novell
- Android

The data recovery (in the laboratories) of EasyService is highly effective. In 90% of cases, the percentage of recoverable files exceeds 95% of the data. High success rates are in systems that the failure occurred suddenly, without any fall or damage of the disc. In these cases, if the medium directly come in our laboratories success rate reaches 99%. Low recovery rates have hard disks that are opened by another company or the user alone attempted repairing with various wrong - dubious techniques or if disc has inside the deck severe damages, scratches, dust.

The destruction of hard drives, resulting in the loss of data has many reasons including the following:

- Human Errors
- Virus Attacks
- Natural disasters
- Water or Flood damage - Damage from water
- Fire or heat damage - Fire or smoke
- Drive Platters with excessive bad sectors - Bad sectors
- Short-circuit
- Corrupted Master File Table
- Corrupted File Allocation Table - inaccessible disk partitions

Whatever the status of your hard drive, EasyService can recover valuable data for you. We offer high recovery data rate in no time.

So if the hard disk is not responding correctly, has unusual - strange behavior or during operation you can hear unusual noises, then immediately stop operation and disconnect it from the power supply. Contact us for a free diagnosis of the hard disc in order to restore everything in working condition.

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