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EasyService, answers to a few basic and most frequently asked questions about data recovery.

1. What is data recovery?
Data recovery is the operational data recovery process from a range of operating systems and storage media that have been lost from hardware failure, human error, software errors, virus attack or even a natural disaster.

2. I lost my files! The hard disk is not working, what to do?
Calm down, do nothing, the EasyService is here and just call us. Do not take any action if you do not get in touch with a specialist. Wrong actions when there is a problematic hard drive, can lead to permanent and irreversible loss of data. Repair hard disk is not easy and often requires days or weeks.

EasyService received free from your area in your storage device and perform free diagnosis.
The data recovery requires a sequence of specific actions depending on the particular case of the problem facing the hard disk, DVD or your USB flash drive.

3. I accidentally Format to my hard drive. What now?
You have to stay calm and immediately contact the EasyService for receipt of your disk. Restoring files after format is a process Logical Data Recovery is almost guaranteed if the user does not write new data to the hard disk.
If your data is critical to you, do not attempt to intervene in the tray as it can with some interference from external program to reduce the chances of recovering your files. If you have no problem to lose some of your data and want to attempt to try, there is a multitude of programs for data recovery, but without guaranteed results.

4. Recognize the disk to the operating system (Windows, MacoS, ....) but I do not see the files!
The most probable cause in this case is the physical wear of the disc because that approached the maximum life. In this case you need the disk to reach as soon as possible in EasyService for file recovery and immediately stop use to become more successful file recovery.

5. The hard drive makes a strange noise. What should I do;
If the hard drive makes any unusual, strange noise immediately turn off the power. Continued Power Supply-power in a failed drive can cause serious damage to the recording surface (deck) of data. Do not attempt to retrieve your data on your own as it may aggravate the problem disk and lose forever your data. Immediately contact EasyService.

6. The hard disk is not recognized by the BIOS and not see it all in functional or my computer crashes!
A very common symptom is the damaged hard disk crashes the machine operation, or not recognized at all by the BIOS.Prospathiste use any other actions or experimentations as the disc has a limited life in this case. We should be arrived directly in our company for diagnosis before we can move on to retrieve data from your hard disk.

7. I must have stuck a son and lost data. They can recover data after a virus attack?
Technicians EasyService successfully troubleshooting hard disks who have accepted '' attacks from viruses or malicious applications and may make recovery and restoration of such damage.

8. What is the Process and Data Recovery Cost?

The EasyService undertaking the recovery in our workshops, from associates of our company and for this reason the data recovery cost is maintained at the lower levels of the market. The cost of data recovery from hard disk is determined by the cost of parts that will be needed, the specific nature of the incident, the use of specialized tools as well as the man-hours required to recover. Therefore the means for recovery must come in our laboratory and made detailed diagnosis and analysis of the final cost. The EasyService does not charge for technical control or for the cost recovery of a diagnostic disc. The customer will be charged only if and retrieve data only if it has been agreed for these costs. No Data-No Pay

H HDD diagnostic procedure is quite complicated procedure, can not you give data recovery price without to make technical control of the device. You need to check your equipment in our lab so we can give you price estimate for data recovery. To get a picture of the charge since retrieve data after agreeing visit the link below.

9. How long does the data recovery process?
The first stage of free monitoring and free diagnosis performed about 2-6 days depending on the severity - the complexity of the problem. Then informed about the time the process of data recovery. This time depends entirely on the severity of the damage, the parts will be needed and the work required to retrieve data.

10. What is the lifespan of an album?
The average lifespan of a hard drive is about five years.

11. Can all data be retrieved?
In most cases, data recovery is possible. The data can not be recovered if the disk heads have destroyed the recording surface and reading them (platters).
12. Is my data safe?
The process of recovery is done in rooms with controlled access and equipped with the most modern safety systems. After the end of the process and after the customer received and checked the data, we care for the total deletion of your data. The EasyService promises absolute confidentiality your personal data.

13. It can be retrieved from laptop drives? of SSD drives? from USB Stick; from RAID arrays?
Of course it can be done recovering data from laptop drives (2.5 '') from SSD drives from USB Sticks and we managed to recover in many cases data from RAID Arrays.

14. How should I pack my hard drive for shipment?
The tray should be placed in an envelope with bubbles (bubble bag) or the wrap with a soft wrapping or any material that absorbs vibrations and then placing it in a small cardboard box.


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