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EasyService offers high quality services to all customers who have honored us by choosing us. We provide free diagnosis of your hard disk or other storage medium.

There is no charge for diagnosis. During the diagnosis EasyService does:

- Initial assessment of the severity of the damage,
- An integrated checking of the storage medium by performing specialized diagnostics, where the electronic and mechanical parts are examined in detail (Opening the disk / media and examination of internal mechanical parts (if required)
- Market research to find compatible replacement parts or research for their availability to the existing stock (if required)
- Describe the nature and extent of the lesion and the diagnosis is delivered to the customer electronically with a written offer of the company to recover the disk data or update the phone. The tender parts include detail work, the time and cost of recovery based on the diagnosis made.

There is no cost or charging for the diagnosis or charging for the analysis of what data are able to recover. No Data, No Pay. The customer only pays the data tha are recovered. EasyService is the only one offering Free data recovery cost.

Also as part of the high quality services we offer to all our customers there is no charge for the shipping costs.

Send us now a hard disk or a device, the shipping cost is free.
Have questions; We are at your disposal for any question!

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