Technician Visit - Technical Support Contract

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EasyService can provide different services including  a visit from our technical support team at your office or your company.

EasyService stands next to you quickly and efficiently these overriding times, where time is precious and mistakes are not justified, is able to offer technical support contract for your office or your company with the following procedure.

 - Recording your needs for quality services with the help of EasyService’s consultants.
 - Analytical Inventory of existing equipment and networking that your company wants to support.
 - Proposal settlement or upgrade of existing equipment and network featuring your agency or company and wish to support.
 - Proposal for signing an analytical contract for technical support with cost per month, or an annual cost or  prepaid- hour technical service.

EasyService can provide quality technical support for your office or for your company during working days and hours by appointment with our authorized technicians.  EasyService can successfully tackle the potential problems you encounter on your computer or on your network.

 - Remove viruses and install antivirus programs in your pc
 - Remove any unnecessary programs that delay your computer.              
 - Program installation for your PC that suits your needs and are compatible with your computer and your network . 
 - Driver installation for your devices
 - Program and hardware installation in order to backup the  data files for your  office or your company .
 - Firewall installation for your company’s  network, with rights per USER, IP, TIME (Software or Hardware), to protect against external attacks. 
 - PC upgrading necessary to your needs and in accordance with the proposal of our company’s specialized technician so that your PC can operate faster and better.
 - Installation and expansion of your  wireless Internet (AccessPoint)
 - Installation and support of your remote personal networks (VPN).
 - Cabling Services for computer networks & cabling services for telephone networks . Wiring includes patching the cable plugs into the termination panel (RACK, PATCH PANEL). EasyService will certify the quality of its services with our special professional equipment .

Price List

 - visit cost technician/hour 40,00 €
 - hour cost after first hour 30,00 €                            

The above prices does not include VAT 23%.

We come FREE to your home/company for technical research and issue financial offer concerning technical support or maintenance WITHOUT ANY CHARGE, according to your needs.

The products that may be needed to solve the technical problems you encounter or for installation - upgrade you wish, are not included in the cost of labor and can be obtained if desired by the rich and comprehensive list of our company’s catalogue EasyBuyWorld or

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