Data Recovery Free Delivery and Shipping

For any questions, queries, Please call us at 210 3004040 or ask us to call you for free!

If you choose our workshop to recoved your data,, having as top priority the best quality of customer service, undertakes to send courier on your place to take your device with free shipping cost! Then, if you agree to proceed to the successful repair your of device, then undertakes to send your device to your place, again without no shipping cost for you! 

In short, if we proceed to the repair of your device ( data recovery), there will be no shipping cost to and from your place. undertakes all of it for you! Make a Repair Request now and we will contact you to tell us when you want us to pick up your device! 

However, if you decide, for whatever reason, to stop the process of the repair of your device or if the repair cannot be completed, you have to pay the shipping cost 1.from the receipt and 2. if you decide to tell us to send back your device with courier.

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