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Slow Internet?

Καθυστερεί το Internet;

Slow Internet;

We all happen and all irritated us. We try to look at making a video on Youtube, or another site and it does not load anything. Try to download a small file – a few megabytes, and have to wait several minutes, there will normally had descended into one. At that moment irritated and overwhelmed. Before crazy and break our computer must first find the cause and reason.

So the question is, why delay the Internet; Does the problem has particular website, has trouble our provider, does our neighbor stealing wifi and downloading movies or other malicious actions from Torrent; Did we have some malware or virus? Of course if you have a problem, the website can not do something, if you have a problem the provider the only thing we can do is to change provider if they are not generally bad line problem from our house to the OTE Kafatos when another provider to go likely to have the same problems. In this article we will deal with the problem of our own network rather than external factors.

EasyService Network Miner

We know exactly what it means in your own home – corporate network, thanks to a special algorithm the small NetworkMiner.
So why delay the Internet;

Until a few years ago, the only device that used the Internet at home was our computer and he was the only one. But today, not only have mobile and tablet connected to wi-us fi, and other devices have access the Internet, such as televisions, video game consoles, audio systems, Mp4 Player and will shortly become our refrigerator, the our kitchen and a host of other devices.

easyservice βελτιώστε ταχύτητα internet

All these devices want part of the bandwidth of our connection (as if we open all taps in our house while the flow of water in each faucet is reduced). Also if we do not lock our WiFi will enter and each neighbor or stranger pulls our Bandwidth so things psilosernontai.

What is important is to identify who the culprit or culprits that our connection does not draw to intervene.

As simple as it sounds this idea in theory, in practice it is difficult to know exactly what part of our connection to each device employs. We need specialized program. Can water in our earlier example things simply because we put a counter on each tube we want but the networks things are not so simple.

netowork miner dns

The NetworkMiner gives us a simple solution to this problem. Just installed on a single computer, and through the network card will be able to draw conclusions about the traffic across our home network. The NetworkMiner belongs to the category of programs called packet sniffers. At least in most networks as well depends on the communication protocol (it is not the time to confuse you with communication and networks, is huge) is an exchange of data packets, the address packet, control packet, … In other words, general packet.

Analysis Packages Such programs like Network Miner can watch the data traffic to and from the Internet, and the information of each data packet to allow us to draw important conclusions and to have a full picture of our network.

The program is portable (ie does not need installation, simply decompress the .zip which descends and run). All it takes then is to choose the network you are connected based on the network card (wired Ethernet or wireless WiFi), and press the Start button.

Until pressed Stop or close the program, NetworkMiner runs constantly, live monitoring our network and all the changes that occur in it. Is that a big brother of our network to see and analyze everything.
In the first Hosts tab showing the different page addresses which are connected all the devices of our house.


If you look a lot, do not worry. On the computer there are various processes, services and a whole lot more connected to pages or web in various Internet services (broswers, applications, games, antivirus, windows update, … etc.), and of course let’s not forget how easy it is to We get caught and have open many sites – tabs open on our broswer (each will count as a separate attachment).
Clicking + to each of these addresses, we get more detailed information about the connection, how many packets have been sent and received.

Several of these addresses to recognize NetworkMiner. Some but characterizes them as unknown unknown it is easy to find what those unknown, making a search on putting the ip we want to see to whom it belongs.

The Frames tab is also useful, as it shows direct connections between devices and pages.

easyservice network miner frames

So we understand little – little basic and as others Sherlock Holmes begin searching. Not bad to try various tabs to better learn the program.

Of course we do not have infinite time to lose and what interests us is to find it crawling turtle as our connection.

First, the files and images can tabs, like other big brother, to see the files and images moving in our network. If we find here large images and large files that do not recognize then we are on track as we found a reason for the delay of our network.

network miner files

Returning to the Hosts tab, we in the menu Sort Hosts On to sortaroume – choose to classify the list in various ways. One of which is based on the number of incoming or outgoing data packets or by number of incoming or outgoing data size. If any of our devices or a particular application has large numbers, chances are he is the culprit that the Internet does not pull.

There are also additional tabs for Messages (that detect packets messages from Instant Messengers) and Credentials (detecting codes to the network).

network miner messages

With some experimentation and psaximataki you can find various bits were scheduled. Experiment and try different tabs. There is of course the professional version NetworkMiner Professional which is expensive and targeted at experts and for professional use.

But remember the next time you connect to an unlocked network, in the cafeteria or the neighbor that special algorithm that is completely free (and not only doing the job) and could everyone on the same network to have access to your passwords.


There are two other very valuable applications with similar usage to detect network the Microsoft Network Monitor and which give more emphasis on visual clues to your network and the Network miner is more text and searching but do deeper analysis.


However with these 3 tools and a little searching on the options you can find many interesting things and definitely the culprit or culprits that cause delay in your network.


If you still do not do it, do not worry, do not worry and do not forget that EasyService is here is always by your side to give you solutions to help you solve all your technical problem.

Keep Calm, Call EasyService and Smile!

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