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Protect Laptop Battery

Πώς να κρατήσετε τη μπαταρία του laptop σας σαν καινούρια!

Those who have a laptop, you will notice that, over the years, the maximum battery increasingly reduced to the point where now the laptop can not be used at all if it is not plugged in. This is of course not only to Laptop but any any technology battery sooner or later. All batteries have a life, all batteries and fuel cells are energy losses due to internal resistance.


While this may seem like something inevitable, the reality is that there is a very simple and easy method to keep the battery in your computer in shape as much as possible. Surely we can not eternal, but we can lengthen the battery life. All you have to do is when the laptop is plugged in and the battery is 100% charged – fully charged, to remove it from the computer.


One of the reasons why the battery diminishes with time both Laptop and other devices is that, whereas when it is 100% supposed to stop charging, practically overloaded slightly, which eventually destroys data . The batteries due to internal resistance and various other factors have losses actions. Simultaneously the control and power circuits and perfect if constructed is under voltage on the battery so the items to wear.

That is why while some laptop can the owners do not use them at all unplugged, and in those cases the battery with time weakens and eventually rendered useless.


Therefore, a battery that you want to be in the best possible condition, to use it when you do not have access to an electrical outlet, then charge it and when it reaches 100% to remove it from the computer by holding the power of the socket. In this way you protect as your possible battery but has only one serious drawback if you remove the battery and remove it from the power port on the power supply of Laptop or if a power interruption then your Laptop will close suddenly losing probably works not saved while in the opposite case even if the battery was on the Laptop will continue to operate by battery.


Unfortunately, this process is not to improve the condition of a battery which has already been weakened – at best stop the weakening, i.e. will increase the duration of the battery. but surely will prove salutary for a new battery.

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