iPod Touch 2 Exchange

Now there is a better way to make the most out of your old iPod Touch 2, exchange it with a new device!
For you that you want to exchange your old iPod Touch 2, EasyService gives you the opportunity to exchange it with a new device of your choise.

Come to EasyService, choose the device that you want or any other product and make it yours with a discount that equals the value of your old device.

With the new Exchange method :

You send us or you give us in store your old device
We evalluate the value of your device
You take the value of the device as a discount for your purchase.

Μέσος Χρόνος Επισκευής 2 - 4Ημέρες
Ελάχιστη Χρέωση 0.00 €
Χρόνος Εγγύησης 0Μήνες
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iPod Touch 2 Exchange

Ελάχιστη Χρέωση: 0.00 € Μέσος Χρόνος Επισκευής: 2 - 4 Ημέρες Χρόνος Εγγύησης: 0 Μήνες

Battery Repair

Ελάχιστη Χρέωση: 40.00 € Μέσος Χρόνος Επισκευής: 1 - 4 Ημέρες Χρόνος Εγγύησης: 3 Μήνες

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