Battery Repair

  • Does your iPod Touch 2 power off abruptly, even though the battery level is more than adequate?
  • Is it not charging over a set battery level?
  • Does it work only when connected via cable?
  • Is it powering off abruptly and randomly after a certain discharge level has been reached?
  • Has its standby time been decreased dramatically?

Then, it is very likely that your iPod Touch 2 needs battery repair.

Problem Description

One of the expected problems for all users of iPod Touch 2 is a weak battery life. It is a fact that normal wear and tear usually occurs after long periods of intensive use. Rarely, your battery may be damaged and its lifespan be significantly reduced, or its normal operation be impacted due to misuse (uncertified chargrs and cables, changes in voltage, etc.) or accident.

Resolving the issue

Our highly trained and experienced in Apple product repairs technicians are at your disposal to check the status of your battery and inform you if a repair is necessary. At EasyService, we can replace the battery, as well as restore the possibly damaged circuits, swiftly and professionally.

Μέσος Χρόνος Επισκευής 1 - 4Ημέρες
Ελάχιστη Χρέωση 40.00 €
Χρόνος Εγγύησης 3Μήνες
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iPod Touch 2 Exchange

Ελάχιστη Χρέωση: 0.00 € Μέσος Χρόνος Επισκευής: 2 - 4 Ημέρες Χρόνος Εγγύησης: 0 Μήνες

Battery Repair

Ελάχιστη Χρέωση: 40.00 € Μέσος Χρόνος Επισκευής: 1 - 4 Ημέρες Χρόνος Εγγύησης: 3 Μήνες

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