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Google Year in Search

Google Year in Search

The biggest, most important and most critical moments of 2015 inspired billions of people around the world trillions questions.

Like every year, this one born every year were born and questions, questions, concerns and people asked questions, looking for answers and looking for information and seeking to learn more, to find answers to everything that interested him individually.


information about current events, movies, travel, vacation, family, about how they could help those who need it, and even to find a favorite recipe.


And at this year’s Year in Search by Google as every year recorded the most popular searches and topics that drew the world’s attention. Through the page Google Trends can see by category most popular searches worldwide, but also in Greece, understanding with a quick look longer were the issues that were important and occupied the Greeks the year in a few days reaches the end of .

The piece of technology the world leader in search engine has the iPhone 6S, followed by Galaxy s6

For news – news searches atin first place was the elections in Greece


For holidays in the first search location was Aegina


For travel in the first search location was Paris


For films in the first search location was 50 shades of gray, and in recent days the highly anticipated Star Wars


For queries that do something to the first search location was how to make the stick (the sex is important for people)


To search a growing trend in the first search location was the eurobasket 2015


For the technology in the first search location was the iphone 6s


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