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The Eleven basic tips to avoid loosing money for heating oil

Έπιασαν τα κρύα; Τι θα κάνουμε για να προστατέψουμε την τσέπη μας βάζοντας πετρέλαιο θέρμανσης;

Although the strong cold not catch even because of economic crisis, filling the oil tank is not a priority for the family budget, it is appropriate that households take into account, the general advice given by the Consumer Protection Centre as regarding the delivery of heating oil that later not to find any nasty surprises.


In particular, according to KEPKA (Center for Consumer Protection): The Eleven basic tips to avoid … steal when the time comes to pick heating oil, are the following:

1. Do not allow oil to receive people who are not familiar with the process, which should be obtainable. Good and necessary will be, during receipt, to attend more than one person.


2. We do not trust the meter of a tank or external display tube level of our tank, but use our own measure or our own counter.

3. Do not pick, oil hastily and without complying with all procedures and security measures to avoid accidents and other effects (eg deficient tradition – oil leakage).

4. We do not accept to pay if the receipt or invoice receipt – payment is not completed all required, by law, information (such as name and address of the customer, quantity, estimates and measurement, time delivery, etc.) . In any case, when you take note of the words “without prejudice”.


5. Select, after investigation, utilizing the Price Observatory Stations and listed in stations in our region, prices (petrol stations are obliged to display prices of fuel, in bright signs , visible to consumers).

6. We need to know how to calculate with accuracy, how many liters of oil corresponding to each centimeter height of the tank. To learn how many liters corresponding to each centimeter height of our tank, multiply the length (e.g., 2.00 meters) in width (e.g., 1.25 m) by the value of (p. x. 1 meter), namely: 2 x 1,25 x 1 = 2,5 m3 or 2.500 liters. Therefore each centimeter height of the tank corresponding to 25 liters (2500: 100 = 25). All the above dimensions relate to the internal dimensions of the tank.


7. We need to measure the presence of a tank, the amount of oil, which has the tank us before delivery and once it is finished. The measurement is done easily with a straight stick and a meter: put vertically in the tank, the dipstick. Remove the dipstick and measure the height to the point that it is wet. This is the amount of oil inside the tank.

8. Read the elevation level of oil inside the tank must be after settle foam (must elapse 5-10 minutes).

9. We demand from the carrier, write the amount, which we measured before and after delivery, the receipt. The oil that we received, we can calculate, if we multiply the amount of oil added in our tank with liters per centimeter, it fits. If eg Our tank was 18 cm oil, before receiving and 78/100 after receipt Added 78-18 = 60 cm. According to the previous example, 25 liters per centimeter height, we received 60 × 25 = 1500 liters of oil.


Three tips even not involving the receipt of oil but the wider economy in our pocket.

1. It is necessary to place at least once a year, cleaning – maintenance – setting the central heating system. Maintenance is provided for less oil consumption and thus save money. Most appropriate time for maintenance, is, immediately after the end of the heating season ie April and May in order to leave no combustion residues, during the summer, so it becomes more difficult to clean the system.

2. Good heating means to feel comfortable. Excessive heat is expensive and unhealthy. The ideal temperature regulation of premises of a dwelling shall be as follows: Bath: 22 ° C, Living room: 19-20 ° C, Bedrooms: 18 ° C. Depending on the external temperature of a degree of temperature means less economy 4 – about 10%, oil.


3. In many homes due to age have inadequate insulation because it can change into an economic crisis or aluminum putting insulation in walls is from difficult to impossible receive protection and insulation measures such as carpets or rugs in greatest possible surface beneath doors mainly exoportes or points that open windows – doors and which have contact with the outside, put insulating films to the insulate as much as possible, use thicker curtains to akoumpanei up the floor and we closed to cover the windows.

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