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Viber Changing Phone Number

Viber: Αλλαγή στο νούμερο του κινητού

Viber announced that in the new application software update, you will allow users to change their mobile phone number and their main mobile device without any loss to Viber data.


This new feature solves the Viber users who would like to change their phone number and keep all their conversations intact. Viber will be able to see when a SIM card has been changed on the phone and will turn on the phone number changeover process. The user only has to follow some simple steps and transfer all his Viber data to his new number.


Now for users who want to change both a phone number and a mobile device, what they have to do is complete the phone number change on their old device and then place the new SIM card on the new mobile phone.
As soon as the user changes his phone number, Viber will take care to notify his contact list for the new number.


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