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The best websites for relaxation and less stress

Οι καλύτερες ιστοσελίδες για χαλάρωση και λιγότερο άγχος

The best websites for relaxation & less stress. The exhausting rhythms of everyday life and the stress we all spend in today’s times make us turn home with a cauldron head. See how you can relax after a busy day, through some original websites for less stress.

Silk allows us to relax in a special way. We can create original and colorful designs on our screen.
The black background of this site certainly makes it very original because it creates an extremely sharp contrast between the colors. So we come to the conclusion that you are not unfairly considered one of the most popular pages for relaxation.
It is most likely that we have made an excellent impression on what we finally built. We can of course save our creations.
Silk is available in iOS for £ 2.99.



Calm is one of the most famous pages for relaxation. It is not accidental that the name he has. This particular page focuses mainly on meditation, relief and improvement of sleep. Through pictures and sounds tranquility tries to achieve total peace of mind.

Some of the site sessions are free but there are others that are locked and need some kind of subscription.
Calm is available for Android and iOS, so we can use it anywhere else except our home.


Noisli is one of the most interesting websites for relaxation.
In addition to having a very beautiful design, it offers a very important help in our productivity.
It does not matter if we are in a place that has a lot of fuss and tension. The only thing you have to do is put your headphones, we choose whether we want the mood of creativity or peace and Noisli will do his job.
The great website also offers two apps for Android and iOS for $ 1.99. In addition, it has free and an extension for Google Chrome.


It is one of the most famous pages for relaxation, which has a very simple design. With Soundrown you do not have to make any special moves. All that suffices is to mix according to your mood, sounds of nature, birds, waves, even the fire or the train.
We can play the sounds all together or one by one. Sounds are completely plausible and you really feel as if you are outside.
This site is similar to the Noisli mentioned above.


The Quiet Place Project
This site offers a real shelter away from mobile and alerts and the flow of information in general. All you have to do is try to hit the keyboard spacebar in succession and optimistic messages appear on the screen.
In addition, Quiet Place Project has a 90-second relaxation exercise along with original room thoughts.
To have the Greek relaxing text in the middle of music, we have to choose the Greek language by clicking on the icon, as we can see in the picture.


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