Company Relocation
EasyService undertakes technical support in the event of the domicile of the business or your office. The creation of a new network, the installation of your equipment and the activation of a warranty is a project that can be implemented by our company with absolute consistency and professionalism

 Network relocation is never easy and often may lead to destruction of the network and your business if not done properly, including critical delays for productivity. Your safest move is to assign a professional technical team to move computers and your network for you. EasyService will undertake and complete the task of relocation of computers and network for you quickly and securely.
We offer a complete relocation service where we disconnect and reconnect your entire infrastructure (servers, workstation, routers and peripherals) and will make them work exactly as they did in your old office.
We also have the ability to move your Call Center PABX (PBX) and to shape the wiring and structure in your new offices
We come FREE to your home/company for technical research and issue financial offer concerning technical support or maintenance WITHOUT ANY CHARGE, according to your needs.

Call us at 210 3004040 or ask us to call you back !

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