Acer introduced its first laptop at its global press conference in New York on November 23, 2010. The family also includes a large-screen smartphone called Iconia Smart. The series of Iconia series use Gorilla glass. Acer’s low cost and Best Value for Money have built some of the best models on the market. Some of the Acer tablets that undertake the repair of EasyService are:

Iconia Smart
Iconia Tab A100
Iconia Tab A110
Iconia Tab A200
Iconia Tab A210
Iconia Tab A500
Iconia Tab A501
Iconia Tab A510
Iconia Tab A511
Iconia Tab A700
Iconia Tab A701
Iconia Tab 8
Iconia Tab 7
Iconia A1-810
Iconia A1-830
Iconia A3
Iconia W3
Iconia W4
Iconia Tab W500
Iconia W510
Iconia W700
Iconia Tab B1 (1st gen.)
Iconia Tab B1-720 (3rd Gen.)
Iconia One 7
Iconia One 8

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