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Samsung Project Beyond

Samsung Project Beyond


In progress is the official conference for developers and Samsung already disclosed the first very interesting proposals. One of them is the Project Beyond, a device with embedded 16 + 1 Full HD cameras that perform three-dimensional shooting in 360 degrees to provide material in virtual reality headset Samsung Gear VR.


First impressions of TheVerge website editors were good, as they had the opportunity to watch material as part of the presentation, but said that there was no sound and the picture quality was not always so good. Of course, you realize that we are talking about original and there is room for improvement to be released (if released) for commercial use.

Theoretically, a user will be able to perform downloads and creates its own virtual world for the Gear VR, while in the future will add the possibility of live streaming of shots in Gear VR for direct connection of two devices.

See a video demo:

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