Advanced Motherboard Rework with Reflow method

What is the motherboard repair with reflow method?

The Playstation 2 motherboard is consisted of countless electronic circuits etched on a silicon plate, commonly known as PCB (Printed Circuit Board). On its surface, a huge volume of electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), and chipsets is mounted, which cooperate and exchange data, using the printed circuits. These components are known as SMD, or Surface Mount Devices.
Rarely, it is possible that excessive wear may result to malfunction on a PCB or SMD of your Playstation 2, mostly due to manufacturing defect, extreme temperatures, abuse or accident. In most cases, this damage is localized on the BGA (Ball Grid Arrays), which consist the most common link between the PCB and the integrated circuits.

The reflow repair aims at reconstituting the damaged circuit on your motherboard by using advanced, cutting-edge BGA/SMD rework equipment.

Damage Indications:

If you observe one or more of the following

  • Your system stops responding regularly, issue that’s only solved by resetting your console. 
  • Cricital errors lead to abrupt shutdown or reboot. 
  • The Playstation 2 is not working at all.

Then it is very likely we can repair the part that causes the malfunction by using the reflow method.
In most cases we are assigned to fix, the damage is localized, and this repair is greatly advantageous in comparison with replacing the faulty hardware.

In order to proceed with reflow repair, the exact source of the damage must be diagnosed, and its repairing process must be evaluated and deemed suitable as well as feasible. The viability and success rates of the reflow repair can be as high as 90% of the cases!

Repair method:

Our expert engineers and technicians, using advanced BGA/SMD rework stations, take up to the task of restoring the damaged circuits to their prior state. This is achieved by applying high intensity infrared radiation and localized heat sources on a coated surface, so as to liquify the faulty part and reconstruct it as an integral, fully functional circuit. 

Don’t think about it…
Bring your Playstation 2 at EasyService, and we will make a complicated, difficult process easy! 

Μέσος Χρόνος Επισκευής 1 - 3Ημέρες
Ελάχιστη Χρέωση 25.00 €
Χρόνος Εγγύησης 3Μήνες
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Ελάχιστη Χρέωση: 30.00 € Μέσος Χρόνος Επισκευής: 2 - 4 Ημέρες Χρόνος Εγγύησης: 0 Μήνες

Advanced Motherboard Rework with Reflow method

Ελάχιστη Χρέωση: 25.00 € Μέσος Χρόνος Επισκευής: 1 - 3 Ημέρες Χρόνος Εγγύησης: 3 Μήνες

Advanced Motherboard Rework with Reballing method

Ελάχιστη Χρέωση: 55.00 € Μέσος Χρόνος Επισκευής: 1 - 3 Ημέρες Χρόνος Εγγύησης: 3 Μήνες

Playstation 2 Laser Lens Repair

Ελάχιστη Χρέωση: 25.00 € Μέσος Χρόνος Επισκευής: 1 - 2 Ημέρες Χρόνος Εγγύησης: 3 Μήνες

Power Supply Repair

Ελάχιστη Χρέωση: 15.00 € Μέσος Χρόνος Επισκευής: 1 - 2 Ημέρες Χρόνος Εγγύησης: 3 Μήνες

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