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Smartphone Liquids

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Did your favorite cell phone ever fall in the bathtub, in the sink, or even worse on the toilet? Have you forgotten and swam with your device in your swimsuit pocket or by hand. Did you touch it at some point and suddenly with a sharp move you drop some liquid or drink and wet the cell phone? In this guide we will describe some steps to try to save the wet cell, or at least our data.

It is not at all unlikely that some liquid will drop on your device at some point. However, do not panic, just act immediately, since it is a malfunction that needs immediate treatment. In any case, we need to react immediately, as we can prevent the fluid before proceeding well inside the device. All liquids are not the same. When we say that the cell phone was up and down, we should be able to say what kind of liquid it was.


For example, it’s different for our cell to fall into the sink and otherwise swim with us in the sea. If you moaned our cell phone from liquid drinks such as coffee, juice, tea, refreshment, etc., once they dry they will leave residue and stick. It is also known that salt water contains salt, which is capable of corroding – oxidizing our device and creating many more problems than plain fresh tap water. Its composition, properties such as temperature, acidity, and salt content play a key role in the difficulty of repairing. Rain, seawater, natural juice or tea are different in each other


In such cases, we can rinse our appliance with pure alcohol. Clean alcohol is particularly volatile and can flush points that we can not reach.

Another very important factor, which can affect the success rate in case our mobile phone has been raised, is the reaction time. In any case, we need to react immediately, as we can prevent the fluid before proceeding well inside the device.

What you should definitely prevent from happening to your device if it gets wet is the oxidation of its motherboard, which is almost irreparable. That’s why it’s crucial that you spend the time that your mobile phone gets wet until our technicians take over.

But there are also some actions that you must do to make it easier to rescue it.

Immediate actions:

1. Turn off the handset immediately to minimize the possibility of a catastrophic short circuit. As soon as we remove the cell from the liquid, we must disable it if it is open. If the cell is held closed while it is closed, it is much safer than if it was raised as long as it is open.

The next step is to remove the battery. Remove the battery and all peripherals if this is possible as many mobile models have it built in.


Electricity, electronics and liquids are not a good combination. Many components within the cell phone may short-circuit and become corrupted. So we need to act quickly. We also need to remove what else we can from our device, such as a case, sim card, memory card or headphones.

2. Drain the moisture away from sources of intense heat (eg hair dryer, oven, etc.), which can overheat it, quickly evaporating the water, leaving salts and deposits to slow down the oxidation of the circuits. Wrap it with absorbent paper (for example, kitchen towels). If it falls into the sea, rinse it directly with tap water. Wipe our phone with a soft cloth / towel or absorbent paper wherever it is possible.


We avoid over-shaking the phone to avoid moving the water inside it. Wipe our appliance gently to remove as much water as possible. We also wipe the memory card and the sim if they are wet. Remove as much water as we can.
We propose to suck the liquid and not as fysixoume pushes inwardly the remaining liquid / water and simultaneously can destroy circuits. To use puff vacuum and holding the device with wet hand to the ground, pass the vacuum cleaner from the area without touching it, so that sucks / evaporates the liquid from the cell.

3. Use a material with high absorbency to remove as much water / liquid as possible, to completely dry our device. This can be accomplished by putting our device in a material that has the ability to absorb moisture. Such a material everywhere is simple rice.


There is no preference for some rice, they all do us. The secret throughout the process is that the rice-mobile environment is isolated. We use a sachet or cap that closes airtight and fill it with dry rice. We put the appliance and its battery in, or any part that may have been wet until it is completely covered with rice. We wrap the package and let the rice work for at least 24 hours at room temperature. The rice will pull the moisture and drain the air and absorb the moisture from the device.

Another substance that has a high absorbency, much larger than common rice, is Silic Gel Gel. We may not have heard this word before, but we have all seen it. It’s no other than the sacks we find in new shoes, bags and electronic components to absorb moisture.

In this case, we place our device in a sachet, box or cap that closes airtight, along with “Silica gel” pouches, leave the system isolated for at least one day. In any case, after one day we check whether the moisture has been removed from our appliance.

If we notice that there are still traces of moisture – liquid we repeat the above procedure with new rice / “Silica gel”. We never try to activate or connect a charger to our device. Do not forget that we have removed the battery of the mobile to any mobile that is possible. We have some instructions on the internet to try to open it and check the mobile for any problems, microphone, speakers, camera, etc. EVERY EVENT, EVEN IF WE HAVE ALL ABOVE AND DIRECTLY, it is a great risk for us to open the mobile. We mentioned before liquids in electrical – electronic circuits are a bad combination. Indeed, the fluids cause oxidation in the circuits that progress over time. All the above process if we do it quickly and properly just increases the chances of saving – repairing our mobile.

Our mobile phone must in any case go to a special repair center like EasyService with qualified technicians and equipment such as ultrasonic cleaners that with special liquids and muddy in the bins will remove fluids and oxidations from all points and your mobile phone. They will also measure with special diagnostics your circuit board for possible short circuits.



It could rock our cell phone and get it back to EasyService, but it can get us back or fall again. Battery problems (even months later), unexpected interruptions and general instability of our device may suddenly occur.

In general, it is very important that we back up our data (photos, videos, files, contacts, etc.) so that we are prepared in case the fatal happens.


If our mobile phone is within a warranty period, do not try to take it to an official agency. It’s impossible to trick the service and repair your device for free. Except that humidity will be seen in many places on the mobile, there are many special moisture markers on all mobiles. This special indicator “testifies” if the device was shaken by a Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI).



This indicator is usually white or silver and gets red when wet. This makes it easier for technicians to see what happened and tell us how the warranty is not covered. On some mobiles, the pointer is behind the battery, while some are in the headphone port or in a slot. In fact, there is not only one but in many places a battery, motherboard in 4.5 points and other places where companies know that there may be some liquid.

We remind you that specialized tools such as the high power ultrasonic bath and special cleansing tools are required for the repair of a wet cell phone – smartphone and waste removal, only available in specialized professional laboratories such as EasyService. Do not attempt this repair yourself if you do not know what you are doing, as it is likely that your attempt will be in vain and may cause even greater damage and irreparable damage. The repair depends on the type of liquid, the extent of the damage and the possible replacements of the oxidized parts.

At EasyService, we will initially perform the necessary diagnostic tests to see if repair is possible. We will then inform you of any parts requiring change as well as the total cost of the repair.


If you spilled water, coffee, tea or some other liquid on your mobile phone, EasyService will repair it. You poured water on your cell phone, wet it with some liquid and you do not know what to do; Many times at work or at home we can drink coffee, water, tea, a drink or a drink next to the cell phone we work on. The most common thing is throwing our coffee on the cell phone. Do not panic, come directly to EasyService and our specialized technicians will open your cell phone to gain access to its wet interior. We will clean or replace parts that do not work properly on its subsystems such as the keyboard, screen, battery, … Even if the liquids have reached the motherboard, we will repair any damage to it with the help of our state-of-the-art laboratory.

So if your favorite smartphone gets wet, bring EasyService as soon as possible to increase your chances of repairing it. We are here, always beside you to see you smile.

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