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LG Gaming Monitors

LG Gaming Monitors

LG announces new UM69G gaming monitor series.

LG Electronics has announced the release of the new series of gaming screens, UM69G, which give the user the chance to experience a unique experience.
You can find the new LG monitors available in 34 and 29 inches 21: 9 ratio and feature Full HD 2.560 x 1080 resolution panels offering high definition and wide field of view. They have unique technologies that make you see from anywhere and be, and offer lively and vibrant colors to make the game even more lively.


The Motion Blur Reduction feature increases the response time of 1ms to provide even more natural graphics streaming, making fewer images (afterimages) that are often seen in most video games. The new LG screens give you a completely different gaming experience, giving you a totally different experience. This new LG proposal is completed with the use of AMD FreeSync technology, which eliminates the problems caused by the difference in the display and graphics card refresh rate.


In addition, LG’s new range of screens is ideal for those who always want to win. The UM69G screens feature a Black Stabilizer, which really improves visibility even in very dark areas. Dynamic Action Sync mode dramatically reduces input lag, so gamers enjoy the game without any delays.


Another important feature featured by LG’s new screens is Game Mode, through which the user can customize screen functions according to the type of genre he is playing.
Finally, their innovative design makes them unique for gamers and allows them to sink into the world of the game.
The new LG UM69G series will be available in the Greek market on demand.

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