Microphone Repair

iPhone 5S microphone damage

The microphone is a small component which is responsible for the transportation of your voice to the other party during calls. This is one of the most important functions of your mobile phone. As it is expected, intensive iPhone 5S use over time is likely to cause a malfunction or a total failure of the microphone. Surely, it is a damage that is repairable so do not let the anxiety conquer you.

Damage indications:

If one day you realize that:

  • the caller cannot hear you well or hear noise / low volume voice
  • the sound quality is poor or the microphone works intermittently
  • the microphone does not work at all so you cannot do (video) calls or audio recording

then the  the microphone has probably suffered damage. There is a simple way to verify it: 

Use your hands-free in conversations. If you can be heard without any problems, surely it’s time to seek an iPhone 5S microphone repair service.

In iPhone 5S, the microphone is integrated in a common flex cable along with the lightning interface and the headphone jack. It is not uncommon for microphone issues to be accompanied with malfunctioning other subsystems as well. 

Repairing the damage:

A malfunctioning iPhone 5S microphone is a damage that can be easily restored by our experienced specialists in iPhone repair. Our technicians will firstly check your device in detail and will inform you if an iPhone 5S microphone repair is necessary. Then, they will proceed with replacing the malfunctioning flex cable with a new, 100% functional part of top quality.

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