Lightning Port

The iPhone 5C includes on its bottom side a lightning port, thanks to which you are able to charge your device, as well as connect it to your PC and use various accessories.

What exactly is the Lightning port on the iPhone 5C;

The Lightning interface is specifically designed by Apple for the 5th iPhone generation and the respective apple range of devices, in order to replace the old 30-pin dock interface, providing a unified charging and data transmission interface.

The big advantage is its size, since it includes only 8 pins instead of 30, the top quality of materials which allow high transfer rates and make it more resilient, and last but not least the ability to interface with any side facing up or down. Thus, the compact, small connector snaps just right every time on your iPhone 5C, and saves experimentation and accidents!

Damage to the lightning interface

If the lightning interface of your iPhone 5C is malfunctioning, the capabilities of your device will be reduced dramatically.

Damage Indications:

If one day you notice some of the below:

  • The phone is not charging using the lightning connector. 
  • Proper connection to your computer is impossible.
  • Lightning accessories such as docks or external speakers are not recognized.
  • The port is damaged and the cable cannot be properly inserted.

then you will need to seek an appropriate repair service.

In iPhone 5C, the lightning interface is integrated in a common flex cable along with the headphone jack and the primary microphone. It is not uncommon for lightning connectivity issues to be accompanied with other malfunctioning subsystems as well. 

Damage Repair:

At EasyService, we trace the exact issue you are facing quickly and efficiently, and we inform you of the repair necessity. We can replace the faulty flex cable on which the lightning subsystem is embedded with a new 100% functional part as soon as possible, in order for you to enjoy your iPhone 5C to the fullest in no time!

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