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Improved Microsoft Edge performance puts it in second place in user preferences.

New changes made by the Microsoft development team to the Edge have paid off as they have led to faster and more efficient browsing for users who use it. The built-in Profile-Guided Optimizations (PGOs) and Link-Time Optimizations (LTOs) technologies have helped users complete their tasks much faster. PGOs prioritized the most important pieces of code, while LTOs optimized memory usage.

As a result, the speed of the Edge increased by 13%, while improvements in scroll animations give the user a feeling of smoother and more immediate use of the browser.

The Edge team continues to work to reduce RAM and CPU requirements, and this year the overall size of the Edge has been halved. According to the NetMarketshare page, Edge surpassed Firefox (7.36%) and took second place in user preference with 8.09%. The undisputed king of course remains Chrome, which continues to hold the lion’s share of the market with 71.11%.

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