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Huawei Watch 2: The lightest in its class!

Huawei Watch 2: The lightest in its class!

Huawei Watch 2: The lightest in its class!

In the press conference of Huawei apart from the presentation of P10 and P10 + has extra piece of wearables.
To Watch 2 is the new smart watch of Huawei and has some very interesting features. The new wearable is available in two versions, the sports and the Classic. The differences between these two versions have to do with the materials and with the straps, their purpose is to cover a wide range of users, even the most demanding!


The Watch 2 is made to look like analog watches, has a double crown in order to give a more premium feel. The Huawei built the Watch 2 having reduced its volume and managed to reach his weight in 57gr. On the external design, the new wearable has hoop made of plastic for the sporty version for the Classic, ceramic bezel. And two versions of Watch 2 have typically straps of 22mm. The company nevertheless has released nine other straps to differential color shades and you can choose between 7 different dial.


Turning now to the technological features of Watch 2, the screen has a diagonal of 1.2 ”, Analysis 390x390pixels and the AMOLED technology. And the two models have 768MV RAM and 4GB storage. The processor that has the Watch 2 is the Snapdragon Wear 2100 SoC Qualcomm’s ensuring very good response and high autonomy. The battery can last two days in normal use and for 7 hours at exercising the GPS.


The unique feature of Watch 2 is that you can GPS embodiments and record tracks during your sport even without the support of the smartphone.
The Huawai Watch 2 is available in 4G version for even greater autonomy!


Moreover Huawai has predicted the existence of nano SIM and the existence eSIM (embedded SIM). If your provider allows the Watch 2 may have the same phone number with your cell phone.
Another feature of Watch 2 is the fitness app that gives you fully detailed inventory of your activities (pulses, distance). Additionally you can use many other applications as the Watch 2 is having egkatestimeno the Android Wear 2.0.

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