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Google’s smart jacket

Google's smart jacket

Google’s smart jacket and Levi’s costs $ 350. The new partnership of Google with Levi’s is quite innovative!

The two major companies cooperated and built with the Commuter Trucker, ie their first smart jacket.


The smart jacket Commuter Trucker of Levi’s is the first product on the market and includes the Google Jacquard technology, formally presented 2015. In smart jacket fitted with specific yarns which can recognize the touch, then one Bluetooth device receives these signals, sends them to your Smartphone, and that can perform various actions.


The most important part of smart jacket is the Bluetooth device that is therein, which when washed can be removed.


The functions now smart jacket Commuter Trucker include music management, answering incoming calls and get directions from Google Maps.

The smart jacket Commuter Trucker will be released in the fall and will cost $ 350!

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