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As time passes and the evolution of technology computers are slower and can complicate your very life (working or not).

But there are some “secrets” for ordinary users, which can greatly improve computer performance and save you a few hours … wait until you get in front of the programs you use!

So before you decide to part with your machine and give the last farewell kiss, try the following secrets … and then decide what to do.

1. Be sure to run regular cleanup programs
The CCleaner is an application that will help you find and delete caches and temporary files in many of your applications.

2. Remove unnecessary visual effects and animation
Sure, some of them make your operating system look more beautiful, but it would better prefer a faster computer? In Windows 7, try disabling the beautiful hand, but “heavy» Aero theme. Right-click the desktop and select Personalize. Then select Window Color tab and uncheck the Enable transparency.

3. Renew and … use antivirus software
Different viruses and malware can do apart from mis- slower your computer. And of course, prevention is always the best method.

4. Buy more RAM for faster multitasking
A cheap and easy upgrade in RAM can do “miracles” in your computer’s speed.

5. Limit the number of applications / programs run at computer startup. If you need to wait a few minutes until you open your computer, you probably “run” while many programs at startup. Remove what you do not need.

6. If delaying the browser internet clean cache
If your computer is “struggling” while browsing the internet, then the problem might not have the computer itself, but the browser. Can every browser have slightly different settings, but in general you can go to Settings menu and then the Historical (History) and clean the cache.

7. Do not forget to restart regularly
Leaving your computer continuously operating, programs may have to take up more memory than they need. Be sure to turn off your computer when you do not need it.

8. Change the hard drive with a new generation SSD

The installation of a modern SSD disk can really take off your computer. Anymore is very good and fast disks and affordable prices.

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