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Clear Facebook History

Διαγραφή Ιστορικού Facebook

Clear Facebook History

Have you ever been ashamed for a Facebook search you did? Maybe searched for an ex, your partner’s ex, your crush, or a friend of your mother’s that you find inexplicably sexy? Let’s see how to completely delete Facebook search history, and avoid any possible embarrassment.


More than one reason to delete Facebook search history.

Even if we never did an embarrassing search on Facebook, it’s still a good idea to delete Facebook search history every now and then.
Remember that Facebook will use any and all information it has on us to make money, selling the data to advertisers. When we delete Facebook search history, we remove a small but potentially important part of our personal data. But even though we have nothing to hide, delete search history is still a good idea not only on facebook but in general our tour online.


How to completely Delete Facebook search history
There are a lot of posts on the internet on how to delete Facebook search history. And, most of them are dated, taking the long road to even reach the complete Facebook search history, going through profile -> activity log -> search. Well, all of this belongs in the past. We only need to go to our home page / news feed, click on the search bar, and click EDIT. This will immediately take us to our complete search history.


We can select an individual entry and delete it…
..or we can go nuclear, and delete everything, by clicking and then confirming the “clear searches” option. This will delete Facebook search history for good.



… Or to go en masse and delete everything by clicking and confirming the option “Delete search”.

With this option, we completely delete all search history of Facebook, once and for all.


So with just a click, Untangle once and for all and we have our peace of mind.


Is it possible to mass delete other Facebook information?
Unfortunately, for the time being it’s only possible to delete Facebook search history with one click. There is no such “clear all” option for the other parts of the activity log, such as our comments, likes etc.

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