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Car with automatic pilot

Car with automatic pilot

Car with automatic pilot and accident

It is now apparent that technology is constantly evolving in all fields and could not be no progress in the automotive industry. Cars moving on autopilot is a fact, making it a safer and more confident driving. But that newer cars can help to avoid an accident? Our logic certainly support that as sophisticated can be the artificial intelligence and be able to observe the handling rules, in some cases it can not react with human reflexes!


Let us assume that there is a case where the car will be confronted with an accident in which you are sure to be victims. How could the car feels who is who right way? In this case therefore only the human mind could have taken a decision in accordance with the logic or emotional crisis.


So that the “moral dilemmas” is logical and easy to understand the human brain but not the technical intelligence, featuring cars with autopilot.
To MIT with the desire to make better artificial intelligence vehicle on autopilot, but also to contribute to the understanding of human morality, he decided to create the site Moral Machine where the user giving answers to some simple questions can become part of this research.


The procedure in question is extremely simple and takes no more than 10 minutes. It is worth noting that some of the survey questions are pretty tough. But certainly the research participant should have in mind that you might as well help save many lives in the future!

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