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Alice: The world’s first virtual consultant

Alice Η πρώτη εικονική σύμβουλος

Alice: The world’s first virtual consultant for female entrepreneurs. In the context of Dell EMC World, the Circular Board on May 9, 2017, announced the disclosure of Alice, the first artificial intelligence platform for female entrepreneurs.


Alice is the result of a partnership between 2 companies, Dell and Pivotal. Alice’s mission is to help more and more women company founders achieve their goals. Statistics show that women-owned businesses employ 7.8 million workers in the US and spend $ 1.3 trillion in total, but only 2 percent of US female entrepreneurs have exceeded $ 1 million in revenue . The work of Alice and her colleagues is to help increase this statistical data to 98%.


“Alice is the best mentor, guide and counselor of a founding woman. The existing startups ecosystem continues to recycle resources among a very small proportion of well-connected entrepreneurs, making it difficult for other founders to grow, “said Carolyn Rodz, founder and CEO of the Circular Board.
Alice, taking guidance from data analytics, can connect real-time female entrepreneurs with results and sources that can help them scale up their businesses. In addition, Alice collects information as a learning engineer and allows her to guide the founder’s needs in relevant information about mentors, access points and events.


What Alice can offer you:
• Can help you in areas where women need some extra advice (eg, economics, law, technology issues)
• It adapts its learning and research to the needs of the user
• Control panel (personalized) with real-time modules, based on user activity
• User profile where data and demographics are available.
• A large library of resources from international experts and a calendar of events
• Strong search pages with saved results and filters by location, branch, annual revenue, number of employees etc


How did Alice work?
The Circular Board in 2016 approached Dell with an idea that would rock the waters in startup companies, creating a helping hand for female founders. Dell, having the knowledge of technology, helped to create Alice very much and all that the Circular Board wanted to have. Pivotal, the company that accelerates digital transformation, has developed and installed Alice software for a long time record. This was just over three months from the original conception of the idea.
Alice is currently available internationally.

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