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Νanotechnology is a term used to describe the creation and use of functional structures sized between 1 and 100 nanometers. The dimensions are more easily perceived saying a nanometer is roughly equal to 1/80000 of a human hair or the length of 10 hydrogen atoms in series. Similarly defined the term nanoscience referring to sciences which study phenomena on this scale.

The term nanotechnology is characterized by large amplitude being too general to describe everything that happens on the nanometer dimensions. Accordingly, it can be divided into more specific topics such as nanoelectronics, nanomaterials and other. Its applications are numerous while the impact perceived at multiple levels mainly in the economic field, affecting global industries and economies, but also to society by improving our standard of living.

It should not however imagine that nanotechnology case of scientific revolution. Most of the issues which encloses arise as a logical consequence of the evolution of the capacity of science and technology to investigate and work in increasingly smaller scale. Furthermore, catalysis, a phenomenon that has always characterized by nanoscale is discipline which develops many decades. Furthermore, whole scientific fields such as chemistry or biology have always worked dimensioned although the term nanoscience was introduced only recently.

Begun marketing a number of products based on nanotechnology: medical products (eg bandages, heart valves, etc.), electronic components, dyes that are engraved, sportswear, fabrics wrinkle and stain resistant, sunscreen. Analysts estimate that the market for these products is now € 2.5 billion but could rise to hundreds of billions of EUR by 2010 and one trillion euro later. With a view to achieving improved performance with fewer raw materials, in particular via the bottom-up approach to the production, nanotechnology encompasses a dynamic for reducing waste throughout the product life cycle.

H nanotechnology has applications in our daily lives and provide tangible economic and above all for all solutions.
Until now, for example, knew membranes abrasion protection Gorila. However, these they added a certain blur in our device’s screen, made using the device difficult and positioning could be stuck in the wrong way with the result that air bubble between the screen and the film.
There are now on the market, both the global and the Greek, protective screen scratch protection 9H, providing much greater protection than previous films like know and their use is very easy.

Until recently worry even for the slightest suspicion of water near the mobile or our tablet. Now, new membranes result of nanotechnology studies hydrophobic effects, and maintain safe and remove water saving devices from certain disaster that would cause the mobile.

How many times have we become stressed because we left the cell exposed to the sun on the beach, on the windshield of the car? Nanotechnology miracles and on exposure to heat, are irreproachable materials from heat, resistant to enormous temperatures, so even if you get lighter and move to some new generation screens or films will not suffer anything, especially if the let the sun.

Finally, our winter life becomes difficult because as wearing gloves is impossible to type on our touch screens and make a phone call. Now there is a solution for this new generation of nanotechnology with gloves that are too thin to feel everything but at the same time protect our hands from the cold or heat.

The development of all these applications within a short time will make our appliances fair of all types of problems and threats. Remains to be seen now is the next achievements of nanotechnology. Here we will be the EasyService and all you can parakakolouthoume, admire and apply them to our daily lives.

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