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Arca Board Hoverboard

Arca Board Hoverboard

Arca Board: Hoverboard without wheels and throw away if you have $ 20,000

If you have $ 20,000 surplus the hoverboard probably remember from the films Back to the Feature and the cartoon The Jetsons (not to mention flying carpets) are partly a reality that will ship with the ArcaBoard name of the company ARCA SPACE CORPORATION.

Hoverboard without wheels: ArcaBoard


We talk about hovercraft baptized hoverboard but for the real thing at a very early stage I would say commenting and overwhelming price. On the other, the first computers filled rooms and costing millions at a fraction of the computing power a smartphone today.


A hoverboard is a flying skateboard without wheels with which people can fly (and until now only in our imagination). The ArcaBoard hoverboard, which is available for pre-order comes in two models. One for those who are up to 80 pounds, and one for those who are from 80-120 kg. These, have 36 electric thrusters air high power (203.000 W) with a maximum thrust 200 kilopond (kp or kgf).


The ArcaBoard model … less when charged operate up to 6 minutes maximum. After he loaded with power. The model for plumper keeps only three minutes. The normal course load is six hours unless you give other $ 4 grand and get a special charger that do the same job in half an hour.
The navigation ArcaBoard hoverboard


The ArcaBoard comes in 3 colors

The control and navigation is achieved, according to the company Arca Space, with an app on Android or iOS smartphone. But for a more intense experience you can disable (built in hoverboard) stabilization system and direct the ArcaBoard with your body (with body movement accordingly).


When the stabilization system is in operation, you do not have to do nothing but just stand on ArcaBoard and move (shake) the phone from your hand.
The speed of ArcaBoard hoverboard is 20 km / h and one that is up to 80 kg can be moved up to 2 km. The maximum flight or levitation height is 30 cm from the surface.


Video presentation by the BBC

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