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Samsung Gear Vr

Samsung Gear Vr

Day before yesterday in the presentation of Samsung under the IFA exhibition, one of the gadgets that stood out was the Gear VR, the company’s first attempt to create a virtual system pragmatikotitas.Eichame going to see today near the new ring of Samsung which it should be noted that the moment working exclusively with Galaxy Note 4 which is to be inserted into the apparatus.


For Gear VR Samsung has partnered with Oculus VR, the company that brought new data to the virtual reality with the Rift, a few months before reaching the point acquired by Facebook. In the short time we were tasting the Gear VR, we made a virtual tour of Venice and other places, where at any time by turning our head in any direction, we could see the space just as in reality. The negative point we could say is the low resolution of the device, which is also observed even with the first generation of Oculus Rift with global pixeliasmatos be intense.

On the Gear VR featuring beautiful design, there is a small trackpad which allows us to wander in simple graphical interface of the device, without any access to the Galaxy Note 4 menu or some application. Our menu features allow performing various tours which is 360 Video substance but also in watching 3D movies, the user has the impression that the monitor into a TV 95 inch

The Gear VR will be released as we learn next month alongside the Galaxy Note 4, priced $ 199, which probably translates in the European market with € 199.


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