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Protect your Data

Protect your Data

The hard drive and generally all storage, operating every minute, die. All are limited – a lifetime and as time passes the chances of damage and problems.

If our computer has only one disk, and there we have all our files, the question is not whether we will lose our data, but when. The same applies to our mobile phone and memory, the same for our camera and the camera. What most users are unaware that the media is not usually shows no evidence whatsoever that it is the last. It makes strange sounds. Pulls No bugs in Windows. Does not display any message. Of course there are some applications and protocols and technologies such as the SMART allows us to take a picture of the state of our storage media

The fault in a storage medium can often be as infarction. At one time the storage medium (disk, memory, …) functions normally, as if nothing was wrong, and the next minute, freeze everything, the computer throws a blue screen, mobile hangs after reboot welcomes us do it .. .


and we are left with the mouth open. We pull our hair and sorrowful. All our photos, all our music and movies gathered for years, records of our work have been lost, perhaps forever. As if they ever existed. In these cases the disc is not recognized at all by the BIOS, the motor that rotates the plateau does not start, or start a sound like “beats”, the memory is not read from any device and any data recovery program can be us help. In these cases, the only solution is the professional data recovery offered by EasyService.


There is also the fatal error of external disk. Many users have their unique files to an external hard disk or memory, and nowhere else. The external storage media is prone to damage, it takes much as long as the external disk to fall from a height of a few centimeters, or we drop usb stick into water or to sit on so that no relight ever.

Even without falling, due to the many connections and disconnections of external disks is a common occurrence to connect to Windows and you see that we can not read the disc, that wants storage via format-configuration even if we configuration can not complete it.

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External hard drives are, by their very nature and sensitivity, in any case not suitable for long term data storage. Their only real use is for data backup that contain file backups that already exist in at least one disk.

The only authority is sufficient for ultimate data security is the simple rule of three, that data does not want to lose, we saved at any time in at least three different places. Not that 3 different Partitions the same disk, or three internal trays. ‘When we have data into three parts, meant three completely independent sites.

The ideal scenario is to have the same data in the computer’s hard drive to an external hard drive we’ve unplugged when not in use, and backup the Internet – in the cloud-Cloud.Ena problem introduced by the rule of three to Data security is how to make sure that we have the latest version of the file in all three places.

If you lose data on a disc, the last thing we want is to see that the files in the backup is old. The best method to avoid this is to use a program for synchronizing files and folders. The programs of this type compare between their records to see what has been changed and only copying them, significantly accelerating the backup after the first time. We can use various services such as Dropbox, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and store there our important data.

Indeed, there are programs that can take synchronization of files and between different drives, and in different services on the Internet, for even greater safety. Such implementation is goodsync.


An important decision for data security is to be clear on our computer which files are irreplaceable and what analosima.Den all have the same weight. The documents of our work and the photographs of our children is more important for example an episode of the series we downloaded and we can re-download anytime.

So important files should always keep backup copies of at least 3 different simeia.Diachorizontas important files from files that nothing bad will happen if lost, save space and time.

So whatever is your relationship with data security, even if you belong to users who have stood lucky, and never lose important data, so far at least, or even if you are the category who got hurt, then learned, with this small article you understand how important data security and how absolute is to have backups. Certainly not forget that even if the disaster happens (full disaster) do not have to panic and to address in a specialist to help us save our favorite data.

Keep Calm, Call EasyService and Smile.

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