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New virtual reality device from Intel

New virtual reality device from Intel

Virtual reality appears to become more and more supporters and ground in the market, with technology giants not remain indifferent and be like “a piece of the pie” called Virtual Reality. Facebook, HTC, Samsung are some of the names that have a strong presence in the VR space and now we must add that of Intel.

Project Alloy: Η νέα συσκευή εικονικής πραγματικότητας της Intel

The company of Santa Clara has developed a device which he calls Project Alloy and characterizes it as “merged reality” as it introduces elements of the actual user environment in virtual graphics and images imported from a computer. However, he stated that it does not manufacture the equipment itself but will provide the designs and technology to other manufacturers.

The CEO of the company, Brian Krzantis, an event held in San Francisco, he said that the cameras RealSense of Project Alloy can detect gestures which show in a virtual environment in which the user can then interact with the elements.

Complements that while this new technology, the merged reality outperforms competing devices because it does not require external sensors in order to receive the user’s movements and is a natural way as mentioned, the user interacts.

Confirmed information from Microsoft that the new upgrade of Windows 10 will support the Project Alloy. According to experts this device can attract professionals and a specialized public, such as surgeons, they are not sure yet if it will appeal to that audience interested in video games.

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