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Pixar and Dreamworks – What Makes a Story Relatable

Pixar and Dreamworks - What Makes a Story Relatable

The Pixar is currently the largest producer of 3D animation films, but also the most profitable producer of films in the world. H Pixar along with Dreamworks lead the race of evolution of 3D Animation. The Pixar in recent years under the umbrella of Walt Disney Pictures.


We all think that the great success of these companies with films like Toy Story, Up, Inside Out, Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, Cars, monster inc, The Good Dinosaur, Shrek, Magadascar, Home, How to Train your Dragon, … due in large groups of nerds, graphic designers, 3D Animators, Developers who plan frantically caricatures and funny stunts on their computer. But do we all wrong most of the truth of the success of these companies behind a single word: scenario!


The creative process of storytelling, the tale that the story behind the impressive figure, passes neither one, nor two, nor three, but from 22 different tests, which satisfy the final condition to get a project from stage theory in production. The key questions that must be answered a successful scenario is type:

– Why do you want to tell this story?
– What is your audience?
– Where is aimed at the end of the day?
– Can the viewer to identify with one of the heroes or some have no reason to exist?
– It creates the feeling that you can be different and whilst I accept?
– Makes you think?
– There is uniqueness in history?

Until recently, all films animated of Disney focused on erotic stories, tales old age as do the larger piece of film in general. The pattern prince and the girl, inspired by novels and novellas over 100 years has been played so much in recent decades, the need for new ideas in the story and the implementation techniques became imperative.


Another important problem that has managed to face the Pixar and Dreamworks in the way that “builds” a 3D on the history, the role of the “evil”. If you notice, all the “bad guys” in movies such as The 101 Dalmatians, Lion King have no reason to behave and for some reason never found margin evolution. In other words they were bad so simply without any real reason was bad because there had to be a bad guy in the film. Today, Pixar convey the message: Face your Nemesis … and unfolds before your eyes so realistic as in real life, as the biggest goal is emotional understanding and empathy. That is the bad guy now has reason to be bad. Something in the way you grew up, the influences, the family, the school, the geography, led him to be bad.

Considering traditional Disney films, have all moved to the Theatre, have been television series or were already books. The Pixar and Dreamworks ensure uniqueness even in this: no film may not be equipped to another medium. And here is the script and animation collaboration is powerful. Simply because no one could do the theatrical WALL · E, the Up or Ôhe Incredibles or Cars or Shrek or Toy Story, ….

The animation of this level is the perfect vehicle to display messages and for the synthesis of real characters of simple or complex. Although the incredible colorful picture ultrahigh resolution with the brilliant music always steal the impressions of small friends of sorts, it is the story that manages to penetrate the consciousness of moviegoers everywhere, causing laughter, emotion, admiration and identification.

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