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More autonomy with the new lithium-oxygen battery

More autonomy with the new lithium-oxygen battery

Researchers led by MIT professor Zhu Li say they have found a new technology in batteries, that of nanolithias cathode, which could provide more autonomy to the devices. According to reports in the magazine Wired, the existing oxygen Lithium batteries are up to 15 times more effective than existing lithium ion.

But there are several obstacles that must be overcome in order to advance their development. Particularly important is that one third of the life of the total energy of the battery is wasted as heat resulting to tell. The team of Lee, composed of six scientists even comes with new items to give the solution.

The new type of battery nanolithias cathode, has developed a method in which oxygen is stable and is transformed directly between the three phases of the redox while remaining bound in the form of three chemical compounds. Explain in the report issued that this component reduces the power loss resulting in a very small proportion is converted to heat.

In a new concept for battery cathodes, nanometer-scale particles made of lithium and oxygen compounds (depicted in red and white) are embedded in a sponge-like lattice (yellow) of cobalt oxide, which keeps them stable. The researchers propose that the material could be packaged in batteries that are very similar to conventional sealed batteries yet provide much more energy for their weight.

So if the theory and experimental approach spend in practice speak for faster charging of devices and more efficient batteries. Supported even by Lee that will have far more superior durability as through chemical reaction are protected against overload. The goal of the research group is to create a prototype for manufacturers in a time frame of 18 months.

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