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MacBook Water Damage

Πώς θα σώσετε βρεγμένο MacBook; Καφέ σε Laptop;

It has happened many times and almost all of us. You sit at your desk at the office or in your home, in front of your favorite Macbook and accidentally make a sudden movement. The damage was done and pour the glass of water, coffee, tea, which is right next to your MacBook brand new Macbook Air. To have thought many times that you should not have liquids and glasses, mugs and jugs with water, coffee, soft drinks close to your MacBook, but because of work and immersed in your thoughts were forgotten and missed this disaster and you are now confused with mouth open in front of the MacBook.


At that time feelings are panic, terror, fear, and then heartache that damaged your beloved device is a daily tool for you. It is very important those first moments that have dominated by panic to make some moves calmly, as is naturally possible. You should as much as possible safety and quick movements to do the following steps as soon as possible and in less than 10 seconds if possible.


1. After the fall of the liquid, the first thing you should do is to unplug your device from the power supply and the power adapter. Remove immediately from the socket and remove the charging cable – power. We have to stop no power supply – power the machine. Electricity and liquids are bad combination.

2. Shut down your computer immediately. Too many users do because they see that it still works and they think that everything is fine. Liquid is insidious enemy of electronics and cause short circuits and destruction until complete oxidation.


3. Remove the battery. The battery is a power source and power and our aim is to end all contact with any source of electricity as soon as possible. We all know that water is a good conductor of electricity and on a circuit board in which there are still loads – currents will cause great harm.

4. Holding open your MacBook ie open as possible at the end of the screen flip your MacBook completely so the keyboard is parallel to the floor – ground. The purpose of this move is to prevent that liquid would not be able to penetrate deeper and deeper inside the computer and reach the motherboard and electronics. If this happens the going gets tough. Keep the display open so that the liquid will not stagnate and dry inside.


5. Continue to hold your MacBook upside down and wipe thoroughly with an absorbent kitchen paper roll – health or any other inert absorbent. We want the liquid to be absorbed soon.

6. After finishing all steps above under no circumstances should you try to turn on your computer. We can not be sure how much fluids have penetrated and we do not want residues of water and humidity to damage through short circuits in integrated. Bring your MacBook in EasyService as soon as possible so that our technical experts to take care and to take all necessary procedures avoiding any additional damage.

If you still quickly and steadily all these simple but important steps, you increase your chances considerably to “save” your MacBook from major problems and losses. Users who have followed our instructions to such incidents fall liquids saved by lengthy and costly problems as the repair led to a lower cost. The most important is not to lose valuable time that will benefit the preservation of the proper functioning of your MacBook.

Some users without having done the above steps use a hair dryer or oven. These will only do is to worsen the situation. Not recommend to warm your Macbook as this will leave remnants of the violent evaporation of water in places that are difficult to clean. In EasyService we have special cleaning machines and ultrasonic fonts to successfully remove the moisture. We take care of your Macbook like ours to be cleaned properly and to repair reliably and successfully a possible damage to the motherboard. O driver applies except MacBook and all Laptop models.

We are always there for you!

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