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Li-Fi the new Wi-Fi

Li-Fi the new Wi-Fi

Finally now the new Wi-Fi; Came the Li-Fi; Which argues for a wireless network with light, 100 times faster than Wi-Fi.

To Li-Fi (Light-Fidelity) is a data transmission technology that works like Wi-Fi, but uses light for electromagnetic waves. The Li-Fi transmits data in binary code technology using VLC (Visible Light Communication) that utilizes light from LED. In other words using the visible spectrum rather than radio waves, they say speeds are unrealistic.


Already is currently being tested in various offices and industries where investigators said they were able to achieve data transmission speed of 1GB / sec, ie speed 100 times greater than that achieved by the Wi-Fi.

As the BBC, the first tests of this new wireless technology made by the newly established company Velmenni last week in the capital of Estonia, Talin.I particular company used an LED Li-fi bulb to transmit data at speeds that reached the 1Gbps. At these speeds, the theory can even reach 224Gbps.


The term Li-fi coined by Professor Harald Haas of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, who presented the technology in 2011 during a conference of the nonprofit organization TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design). During his speech, Haas described a future where billions of LED lamps could be wireless hotspots.

One of the biggest advantages of Li-fi is that unlike Wi-Fi, there is no electromagnetic interference from other radio signals (in modern cities is huge electromagnetic pollution), which means it could be used wherever we need not interfere such as in aircraft during flight or in sensitive hospital equipment ….


The Li-Fi furthermore considered safer and more energy efficient as it works with light at frequencies between 400 and 800 TeraHertz and overcomes obstacles between transmitter and receiver. The unimaginable speeds managed to catch this new wireless network show that has the potential to revolutionize the use of internet. CEO Velmenni, Ntipak Solanki said that this technology could reach consumers in the “next three to four years.”


Of course like any new technology also has disadvantages, as it can not be grown outdoors as sunlight will interfere with the transmission of simatos.Episis can not travel through walls, so probably initially use to limit the improvement and strengthening of existing Wi-Fi networks.

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