Liquid Damaged LG G6

When your LG G6 accompanies you almost anywhere in your everyday life, either for work or for entertainment, it is not unheard of for it to suffer damage due to liquid contact. However, don’t panic; just act swiftly, as it is a repair that requires immediate attention.

What are the implications?

What you must at all costs prevent in case of liquid contact, is the motherboard corrosion, which is nearly irreversible. That is why the time between the incident and reaching our lab is crucial.

There are some action you must take yourself, in order to facilitate its repair.

Immediate actions:

  • Instantly switch off your LG G6.
  • If the battery is removable, detach it at once, to minimize the chances of catastrophic short circuits.
  • Attempt to drain the moisture, avoiding powerful sources of heat (eg hairdryer, oven), in order to hinder the oxidation process. 
  • Wrap it on absorbing paper (eg professional kitchen roll towel)
  • If you dropped in at sea, wash it with tap water as soon as possible.

Repairing liquid damage:

If you LG G6 gets wet, don’t lose time and bring it to EasyService, to increase its chances.

You should be aware that to repair liquid damage, specialized equipment is required such as high powered ultrasonic bays that are found only on tech labs like EasyService. Do not attempt to fix the device yourself, since if you don’t know what you’re doing, your efforts will most probably be futile, while you may even cause further and irreversible damage.

Liquid Damage Cost:

Due to the nature of damage, the cost for repairing a wet LG G6 cannot be predetermined. The final cost depends on may factors, such as:

  • The kind of liquid
    Its composition, properties like temperature, acidity, and salinity all play a definitive role in the difficulty of repair. Rainwater, seawater, juice or hot coffee all differ to the repair approach.
  • The extent of damageDirectly affects the repair time and labor cost, as well as potential replacements on heavily oxidized electronic components.

At EasyService, we will perform the necessary diagnostic tests to determine the feasibility of the repair. Then, we inform you of any damaged part that will require replacement, as well as the total repair cost.

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