Camera Repair

Whether you want to share simple pictures with your loved ones, or capture a moment on video, your mobile phone’s camera is a unique accessory the functionality of which you are not prepared to abandon. 
So, what happens if it gets damaged?

Damage Indications:

If you notice that lately the photos taken with the LG G6 camera do not have the quality they did when the device was new, then maybe your camera is damaged. Specifically, if:

  • your photos do not have their original quality
  • the camera is not working as expected
  • the camera application does not open
  • you see nothing when it opens
  • blurry shots.
  • high contrast spots that significantly reduce image quality.
  • dark captures, even in bright environments

then you definitely need to request an LG G6 Camera repair.

Addressing the issue:

This damage is can be successfully addressed by our technicians who can restore it with the corresponding repair. It is a service we complete for you swiftly, for you not to stay for long without your precious iPhone.
Don’t think about it, bring your iPhone at EasyService, and save stress, hassle, and wasted money!

Μέσος Χρόνος Επισκευής 1 - 4Ημέρες
Ελάχιστη Χρέωση 29.90 €
Χρόνος Εγγύησης 3Μήνες
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