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Forget touchscreens and buttons

Forget touchscreens and buttons

This new technology has been so impressive features that seem to be able to turn a new page in the era of “Touch”. No more traditional touchscreen promises to give as Google with its new project. The Project Soli is a new technology on which the research department works (ATAP – Advanced Technology And Projects) of Google and aims to change the way of interaction between all electronic devices.


The Project Soli uses special radar interactions with the human hand. Soli The sensors can monitor movements of sub-millimeter at high speed and accuracy. All incorporated in a chip, can be produced on a large scale, so they can be used within smartphone and small wearable devices. The project team plans to release a dev kit that allows developers to create new applications for the interactions.

More specifically, they created a sensor which can detect with high precision the movements of the hands and fingers of the user in the air without having to come into any contact with the device.

The ATAP team managed to reduce the radar sensor size from the size of a games console the size of a coin, so it can be embedded in the processor of any portable device.


Soli The program is based on radar technology accurately detects and responds quickly to user movement commands, even at a millimeter. Your hands and fingers are the only interface that will need.

That we saw in science fiction films will be longer in many devices around us. Thank you Google –


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