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Broken Phone and Feelings

Broken Phone and Feelings

Nowadays accidents happen, your favorite mobile, tablet, laptop accidentally slipped from our hands or fell from where it was placed, without realizing it. With the fall became thousand pieces or stopped working, open. In our daily lives as if careful, accidents happen and we must find a way to manage with as little as possible pain.To smartphone, the tamlpet and Laptop and general all portable devices can suffer damage from an accident.


With that done this bad event beginning our brain neurons in combination with hormones and the nervous and muscular system to do own them. Things only the science of neurochemistry of Conduct can explain.

Whatever happens is usually instantaneous and always unexpected. We do not wait for many it is difficult to find easy way to manage this loss.


You may feel a knot in the stomach, get stressed, upset, disappointed and still wonder if with this broken screen you will be able to talk to your employer with your work, with your family, your relatives, ask yourself later that will send a message to your friends.


It can leave you with an empty feeling in the stomach while you wonder if you will be able later to send a message to your loved ones or if you need something urgent what you do without cell.

One false move, one moment is enough to bring us face to face with a very difficult situation, but do not worry remember easyservice here, always by your side. Rely on us.

1. Anxiety. She bathes cold sweat for what might happened to our beloved device.

2. Denial that there was something terrible, we can not believe this is happening and comforting our herself that at least shows rather that opens the device

3. Anger. Angry with ourselves for how the fucked so that this happened while always mindful and keep our guard

4. admonish ourselves that we never have to redo this, never fall again our device from our hands.

5. Depression, takes us below, we see the broken device and automatically thinking about how good it was and how many good times we spent with her.

6. Accept the end we are forced to understand that this is happening and that everything is in the life and that there are major problems. You should go to a good repair center to check and repair me directly, economically and reliably.

So no need worrying, to worry and be immersed in negative thoughts. Relax, take courage and see everything positively as EasyService here. Do you have other issues more seriously bother as for your technical problems are always here beside you EasyService.


Keep Calm, Call EasyService and Smile !

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