Playstation 2 Repairs service

Playstation 2 Repairs service

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The Playstation 2 is very easy to be repaired or rebuilt completely in the hands of the techniques EasyService. We love and will repair these consoles in each case to share the joy with you an old console collector .

Do not worry, Smile because EasyService here.

  • Always:

    • Quality
    • Reliability
    • Rsponsibly
    • Respecting the Client
    • Free Shipping
    • Free Checking
    • Extra Discount for multiple repairs
    • Άμεση Επισκεύη με ραντεβού
    • Original (genuine) parts

EasyService Services

EasyService Price table

Service Average Repair Time Minimum Cost Warranty
Playstation 2 Laser Lens Repair 1 - 2 Days 25.00 € 3 Months
Exchange 2 - 4 Days 30.00 € 0 Months
Power Supply Repair 1 - 2 Days 15.00 € 3 Months


Free shipping from/to all over Greece!!

In case you aggree with the repair cost and EasyService proceeds with the repair of your device, you don't pay any shipping costs....