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Device Description

The Playstation Vita, officially abbreviated to 'PS Vita', is the successor to the PSP and Sony's answer to the 8th generation handheld console market, and beyond! 

The PS Vita incorporates superior technology in order to be able to render modern, highly demanding graphics on its games, but can also be used as a portable device in a variety of applications such as web browsing, communicating with your friends and streaming. 

First released in Europe in February 2012, and thanks to its impressive capabilities, the PS Vita has managed to sell more than 4,000,000 pieces and find many supporters in Greece. 

The many uses and leading technical specifications, which are prominently reflected on its price tag, make PS Vita a valuable handheld  that you are not prepared to live without. In case of malfunction, the cost is significant, both operational and financial, since buying a new device is not something you are willing to consider. 

If your PS Vita is damaged, or if you need anything for your device, don't panic!

Bring your console at EasyService, and save stress, hassle, and wasted money!

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    • Quality
    • Reliability
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    • Free Shipping
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    • Extra Discount for multiple repairs
    • Άμεση Επισκεύη με ραντεβού
    • Original (genuine) parts

EasyService Services

EasyService Price table

Service Average Repair Time Minimum Cost Warranty
Motherboard Repair 1 - 2 Days 75.00 € 3 Months
PS Vita Exchange 2 - 4 Days 0.00 € 0 Months
Analogue Stick Repair 1 - 4 Days 20.00 € 3 Months
WiFi Antenna Repair 1 - 3 Days 40.00 € 3 Months
Battery Repair 1 - 3 Days 60.00 € 3 Months


Free shipping from/to all over Greece!!

In case you aggree with the repair cost and EasyService proceeds with the repair of your device, you don't pay any shipping costs....