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Device Description

The HTC One (codenamed M7) is a touchscreen-based Android smartphone designed, developed, and manufactured by HTC. The smartphone was unveiled on 19 February 2013, at press events in New York City and London and is HTC’s seventh flagship smartphone.[2] It is the successor to the company’s 2012 flagship model, the One X—which was critically acclaimed, but commercially unsuccessful due in part to insufficient marketing efforts. To make the device stand out among its competition, the HTC One was developed with a major emphasis on unique hardware and software features; which included a unibody aluminum frame, a 1080p full-HD display, dual front-facing stereo speakers, a camera with a custom image sensor and the ability to automatically generate montages of media, an updated version of HTC’s Sense user experience, BlinkFeed—an aggregator of news and social network content, and an electronic program guide app with the ability to serve as a universal remote via an IR blaster located in the device’s power button.

Beginning in March 2013, the HTC One was made available to mobile operators and major retailers in at least 181 countries. Manufacturing delays led to a staggered release beginning in late March, with its release date in certain markets (such as Asia and North America) pushed to late-April. Nevertheless, with around 5 million units being sold during its first two months of worldwide availability, HTC stated that the One was the most successful launch in the company’s history.[3][4]

The HTC One was praised for the quality of its industrial design, high-density 468 ppi display, and high-power 2.6W RMS stereo sound system, and was well-received for its overall performance and improved user experience in comparison to earlier HTC devices. However, some aspects of the device, such as its photo quality, battery life, and certain elements of the device's operating system, were subject to scrutiny by critics. The device has received numerous awards and accolades, including being named "Best New Mobile Device" by the GSM Association at Mobile World Congress 2013, and was named the best smartphone of 2013 at the same conference one year later.

It was succeeded by the HTC One (M8) on 25 March 2014.

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EasyService Services

EasyService Price table

Service Average Repair Time Minimum Cost Warranty
Data Recovery 1 - 5 Days 15.00 € 0 Months
Diagnosis 1 - 4 Days 10.00 € 3 Months
Damaged LCD & Digitizer Replacement 1 - 4 Days 99.90 € 3 Months
HTC One M7 Exchange 2 - 4 Days 0.00 € 0 Months
Liquid Damaged Samsung Galaxy Note 1 - 4 Days 29.90 € 3 Months
Battery Repair 1 - 4 Days 19.90 € 3 Months
Camera Repair 1 - 4 Days 29.90 € 3 Months
Front Camera Repair 1 - 4 Days 29.90 € 3 Months
Headphone Jack Repair 1 - 4 Days 15.00 € 3 Months
Ear Speaker Repair 1 - 4 Days 15.00 € 3 Months
Loudspeaker Repair 1 - 4 Days 20.00 € 3 Months
Microphone Repair 1 - 4 Days 15.00 € 3 Months
Vibrator Repair 1 - 4 Days 19.00 € 3 Months
Motherboard Repair 1 - 4 Days 50.00 € 3 Months
Sim Reader Repair 1 - 4 Days 15.00 € 3 Months
Frame Repair 1 - 4 Days 50.00 € 3 Months


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